Buy online products Blackbird Racing is very simple.

A - Choosing the articles


ou can follow three ways:

1. Searching by reference code.
If you already know the reference code, write it in the space "Search by code" and click. The site will bring you automatically to the required article.

2. Searching by bike model. First you have to choose the bike brand and then the bike model.
The site will bring you automatically to the required bike showng all the articles we produce for that bike.

3. Searching by products. You can also click the button "Products and Store". In this case you will see all the Blackbird Racing products we have in our range and choose those you are looking for.

B - How to add an article selected


1. Indicates the number of pieces you wish to purchase in the field next to the basket.

2. Click on the basket "Buy".
At this point you'll see a summary at the top of what your shopping cart for further verification. So you can add other items or continue with the purchase of those already posted .

C - Completed the purchase

Click on the button at the top center "Cart" on this page you can:

- Change the quantity previously chosen.

- Remove items.

- Choose your payment method.

- Choose your shipping method.

- Continue the purchase.

- To continue the purchase click on the button - "Continue entering your data."

D - Website registration

In this page you are asked to register:

- If you are a registered user you can simply enter your e-mail address and password.

- In case you have forgotten your password you can send us an e-mail, filling the field with your registered e-mail in a few minutes you will receive automaticately a new password.

- If you are a new user in this page you will have the opportunity to register youself by entering your information.

E - How to insert your data


1. Fill out the form that appears. Remember that all fields, except that the notes are required.

2. To continue the purchase and click on "send."

3. You will be redirected to the shopping cart page where you can see your data entered at registration and report any known appropriate field, you can also update your registration by clicking on the button (change address) and insert your information.

F - How to send your order


Check this page that all your data and the selected items are correct and then click on the button "confirm and pay."

If everything was done correctly you will see the scheme and receive a confirmation email list.

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