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BBr o.e.m



BBr o.e.m. aims to offer a complete range of high-quality services to meet the needs of every customer, throughout the phases of design and production of stickers and other items for the decoration of two- and four-wheel vehicles.

Mission Statement

Starting with the development of graphic files for industrial production all the way through to the packaging and shipping of products, BBr o.e.m. manages all the manufacturing processes first hand.
This allows us to have complete control over the production and quality assurance of every item manufactured.


We like to sum up our goals with the acronym “RIDS”:
- Research, to seek maximum quality for our products;
- Industrial production, or manufacturing, constantly in search of technologically advanced equipment;
- Development of new materials in cooperation with the customers themselves;
- Satisfaction of the customer.


Design and processing of files

In cooperation with style centers and/or graphic design agencies, BBr o.e.m. carries out the following:
- Studying and selecting the most appropriate material depending on the type of surface it will be applied to;
- Outlining cut-outs directly on the vehicle to gauge how much space is taken up and how to achieve the best application possible;
- Providing a pre-production sample of the shape to verify proper application;
- Modifying and finalizing overlays in executive files to get them ready for manufacturing based on the type of printing and materials selected;
- Setting up equipment needed for the final screen printing.

- Modificare e realizzare i sormonti sui file esecutivi per renderli industrializzabili in base al tipo di stampa ed ai materiali scelti.
- Realizzare gli impianti necessari alla stampa serigarfica definitiva.

Preparation of prototypes for fairs and presentations

BBr o.e.m. handles the printing, cutting, and application of all sorts of prototypes to be displayed at fairs, exhibitions, photo shoots, or even just to provide a complete vision of the finished product.
We make these prototypes using the best digital printing technology available on the market.

Production of stickers

BBr o.e.m. carries out 100% of its manufacturing at the production site in Genoa, relying on highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the sector and the best automated screen-printing systems.


Another service that BBr o.e.m offers its customers is the design and industrial production of seat covers.
The research and development department of this unit is constantly working all the racing teams we sponsor in order to improve and innovate the materials that go into creating the final product.
In cooperation with all the leading companies that manufacture seats, BBr o.e.m. can take care of custom design, providing the side part made of non-slip and glossy materials. Truly innovative work that makes good use of the technical know-how of a graphic design company and applies it to a technical product.


BBr o.e.m can package all stickers, even individually in blisters.
Blisters can be standard or customized and can come equipped with whatever type of label the customer requests.
All stickers produced by us go through the quality control department and are inspected individually; all those deemed unacceptable are discarded.


The brains and drive behind BBr o.e.m. are definitely provided by the R&D team, which is set up to respond in real time to all the customers’ needs and requests.
This department stays in close contact with all our main raw-material suppliers, in addition to having all the latest equipment used for accelerated aging on the finished product – allowing us to then certify a product guarantee.
The R&D department is the real heart and soul of the Blackbird Group, the pride and joy of a company that has made innovation its trademark.
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